“This is certainly going to be the classic text on trauma and yoga!”- Stephen Cope, Scholar-in-Residence and former Director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living

“Lynn Stoller’s book is the most comprehensive guide available on the application of Yoga Therapy for PTSD and is an essential text for every Yoga therapist.”- Joseph Le Page, Founder of the Integrative Yoga Therapy program

“Congratulations on your excellent book! I love that you bring in the sensory integration piece. We so need this in the field of psychotraumatology! Thank you for your contribution to the field! – Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry & Director of the PTSD Research Unit at the University of Western Ontario


“The program was hands-down the best 2-day program I have experienced in my nearly 30 years of nursing practice! . . . .Anna was spectacular!! I absolutely love her! What a beautiful, sensitive soul!  She conveyed such needed respect for the people who are guided through this practice. . .  ” – Tamara H.

“I was so inspired by this workshop that I started my 200 hour yoga certification training about two weeks later, thank you so much for the inspiration!”– Morgan V (May 2019 graduate)

“This course made me feel inspired and excited to bring these ideas into my practice. Lynn & Meg created a comfortable, collaborative learning environment that made it easy to ask questions and learn. Thank you!”– Michelle D. (May 2019 workshop, Lexington, MA)

“Lynn conveyed the sensory integration principles of trauma informed yoga practice in an accessible, digestible, and practical way.”– Abbey C. (May 2019 workshop, Lexington, MA)

“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. I truly have learned so much and am inspired to start implementing as much as I can into the Yoga Wellness program here at [XYZ] Center.”-Angelina C. (May 2019 workshop, Lexington, MA)

“What an amazing training this weekend! I have already been in touch with [name/program removed] and she is very interested to learn how to implement sensory enhanced yoga for women and children who have experienced domestic violence . . . .Very excited to figure this out!”-Kerry M. (May 2019 workshop)

“I want to thank you for your training because I have used so many strategies I learned in your course! The response has been AMAZING from patients, and my co-workers continue to refer pts to me.”– Kat S. (Contacted SEYI in April 2019 to share this news)

“I want to thank you for all the excellent information and the great experience I had with the sensory enhance yoga training. I can totally see how I can incorporate all this information into my research as well as my practice with the recovery population. You provided me with such great resources. . . . (and)  really helped me get some ideas flowing. I hope we can continue to work together in future to bring the positive gifts and benefits of yoga to others.”– Sadie C. (May 2018 workshop, Providence, RI)


“Thank you for leading such an awesome course!  . . . I have valued the format of the webinars and am excited to integrate principles into my own yoga practice and with my clients.  I also loved the connection to Occupational Therapy principles and am keen to apply learnings to my clinical practical in the area of mental health.”– Lauren H.  (6/24-7/22/2020 Series)

“Hi Lynn, this was one of the best trainings I’ve completed. I am very grateful to you for all of the research you’ve done, and that you’ve created this training to share your expertise in this area. It’s a wonderful way to connect OT and Yoga practices. I look forward to integrating what I’ve learned into the yoga groups I do in a psychiatric setting.”-Cathy S. (6/24-7/22/2020 Series)

“. . . I am emailing you because I’d like to offer to you my gratitude for doing what you do. The dedication and work you have put into sharing this content with others to utilize as well as helping our fellow humans. I must say, although it has been three out of five classes, that this class has offered so many tools already, and I’m sad to be coming to an end with meeting on Wednesdays. . . I’m looking forward to sharing this in the future to others. You truly are helping to create empowerment and resilience and love within what you’re helping us all do! So, thank you again Lynn! I look forward to learning more from you in the future!” – Kelli M. (6/24-7/22/2020 Series)

“Thank you again for offering this wonderful webinar.   Each week was full of important and useful information, ranging from neurophysiological processes that underlie and support the clinical asana practice to the integration of eastern and western models for healing trauma and promoting self-regulation.  I am very excited about the possibilities for integrating SEY into my OT, bodywork and movement education practice.” Shirley L. (4/29-5/27/2020 Series)

Thank-you again for an amazing course.  I learned so much and excited to show my boss what I learned but to also bring some of it into my classes.  This course reaffirmed to me why I am so passionate about teaching yoga to those with PTSD or trauma.”- Karyn M. (6/24-7/22/2020 Series)

“What a fantastic course!”– Angela B. (6/24-7/22/2020 Series)